SoftWires services customers anywhere from SMEs to large manufacturers upwards of 2000 employees. Manufacturers range from specialised high-technology, fast turn-around products to conventional volume manufacturers. Our install base is worldwide, with companies based in Europe, India, Australia and North America.

What is the challenge?

For most PCB manufacturers the problem encountered is that most general IS packages are not geared towards made-to-manufacture let alone meeting the critical needs of PCB costing and planning. Printed Circuits Professional has been specifically written for the industry and is a total integrated solution including Costing, Order Processing, Sales Management, Production Planning, Production Management, Shop Floor Data Collection, Quality, Stock Control and Finance Ledgers. Printed Circuits Professional is continually evolving to meet the changes and demands of PCB manufacturing.

A fully integrated and intuitive ERP is imperative to streamline all PCB manufacturer business processes, whilst keeping TCO to a minimum

Why choose us?

Every manufacturer is unique, and although they produce similar products, emphasis on business importance can range from costing, production planning, stock control or sales management. Invariably all these factors are important in order to compete in the market without sacrificing profits. Printed Circuits Professional users are benefiting from using the software enabling them to monitor costs, sales, production and quality.

  • Founded 1993
  • Launch of Printed Circuits Professional in 1994
  • Launch of Printed Circuits Professional (PCP) 2 in 2000
  • Launch of PCPA for Printed Circuits Assemblers in 2012
  • Launch of ShopFrontBuilder for manufacturing eCommerce in 2013
  • Launch of TheComplianceMap to manage product regulatory compliance in 2014