Multi site management

Introducing the Multisite Management System extension for Printed Circuits Professional. The multi-site management capability allows the synchronisation and replication of selected information on multiple databases globally online.

Using the multi-site management solution allows for:

  • Multi-site costing
  • Order appropriations
  • Inter company transactions with total visibility on all sites
  • Site Grouping of Sales & Production Status
  • Capacity for Analysis via the Internet

Site Manager

The site manager enables administrations to control the registration and configuration of active sites. Site technology capabilities and customer accreditation can be configured through this tool as well as the general behaviour of the replication.


Site Replicator

The Site Replicator allows for:

  1. Live, Real-time data replication to and from registered sites
  2. Takes the appropriate actions to recover from a network failure
  3. Automatic administrative email notifications
  4. Multi-site costing, order appropriations and inter company transaction management