PCP – Printed Circuits Professional

SoftWires’ Printed Circuits Professional is an integrated CIMM package that helps manage your resources and control costs. Designed and developed with a combined 50 years experience in the industry, Printed Circuits Professional addresses manufacturing and management needs by providing the tools to work smarter, better and faster.

The comprehensive user interface for job specifications on a single screen enables engineers and sales staff to process accurate quotations and orders with ease.

Printed Circuits Professional extends integrated data to support managers, operators, engineers and executives in making key business decisions, incorporating Client/Server technology and consists of the following main modules:-

  • Sales Management (Quotation, Order, Performance, Reporting).
  • Engineering/Planning (Panelisation, Construction, Order Processing)
  • Production/Quality (Production Control, Shop Floor, Quality Control, Stock Control)
  • Interfaces (3rd Part Import/Export, CAD/CAM Interfaces)

Printed Circuits Professional provides the industry with the tools to reduce cost of manufacturing, increase productivity, provide powerful information at a touch of a button for analysis, improve capacity utilisation, reduce lead-times and reduce WIP inventory.

Across the world, Printed Circuit Professional users are capitalising on the benefits of this powerful system which is continually evolving to meet industry needs and demands.

How long will it take before the system is up and running?

The most asked question is “How long will it take before the system is up and running?”. The answer to this question depends entirely on the amount of resource available. Many of our customers simply do not have the time or people available to collate the necessary information and set-up and manage the project. SoftWires can provide experienced staff to manage and take charge of the whole implementation process thus enabling companies to get on-line faster.