PCB assembly software

PCP (PCA) Edition is a fully integrated Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (AERP) software for the PCA Industry that uses all manufacturing and management features of PCP Bare Board Manufacturing (BBM) Edition.

ODB++ (X) Interface

The Sales & Engineering module of the PCA Edition has been specifically developed for small to medium volume companies that need to generate fast and accurate costing and documentation with the following functionalities:

  • Extracts data from ODB++, Excel & Text files
  • Automatically builds a distinct component package library from the supplied data, eliminating package duplication
  • Automatic creation of internal parts
  • Automatic mapping of customer and vendor parts to existing internal parts
  • Automatic BOM composition and mapping
  • Automatic export/import of vendor component price list with multiple RFQ quantities to facilitate and speed-up the costing cycle.
  • Stock Management / Vendor’s Performance / Vendor’s response time on RFQ.
  • Automatic Process Route Generation Based on BOM, Equipments, Feeder Capacities/Set-ups & User Defined Rules.
  • Job Costing for Single & Multiple BOMs Based on User Defined Rules. Process Costing inclusive of Labour, Process Materials, Over-heads & Mark-up.
  • Visual Display of Component Layout & Placement with the capability to select a single Component, or all the instances of a Component on the board.
  • Automatic Document generation such as Quotation, Order Confirmation, Product Specification with Component Layout, BOM list, Job Costing Detail, Process Route, Resource Allocation and many more.