Within this key module, engineers can perform front-end-product engineering and generate board constructions for any kind of product such as single-sided, doubled-sided, multi-layer, buried and blind holes, sequential build, flex, flex-rigid and prefabricated components as well as component assembly. The module also allows the ability to generate routes & lay-up based on usser defined rules & constraints.

The main functionalities are as follow:-

Production Specification/Validation

  • Ability to import full product specification from CAM including circuit shape, customer panel and lay-up
  • Manual or automated product validation via import
  • Mixed Product Panelisation


  • Automated and manual circuit and customer panel lay-up
  • Calculate material utilisation, yield/scrap rate

Construction/Bill of Materials

  • Create multi-level construction (sub-constructions and Pre-fabricated components)
  • Create BOM for all process route
  • Create build sheet (graphical representation)

Process route

  • Generate process route for every construction, fabricated components and component assembly
  • Automatically generate process instructions based on route and product specifiation
  • Allow sub-contracting of processess, inner layers, pre-fabricated components or the entire product
  • Ability to modify process routes
  • No limit on the number of processes on any routes

Order Processing/Planning

  • Automated process capacity alert on processing order when bottle-neck is identified on a given process


  • Ability to print product specification, process routes, build sheets, bill-of-materials, tooling label, product history, sales orders schedules and work-in-progress