This module provides an effective way to control the production flow from order processing to shipping with the aid of capacity planning, dynamic scheduling, shop-floor tracking and data collection giving real time visibility on the status of any sales and works order to all sections of your organisation and customers with access permissions.

The main functionalities are as follow:-

Production Control

  • Remake/rework full batch, part batch, inner layer constructions, and pre-fabricated components
  • Split and merge works-order
  • Place a works-order on hold and release from hold
  • Attach production notes to works-order, constructions and processes
  • Ability to prioritise works-order
  • Shipping


  • Work load analysis by panel, surface area, process and department
  • Throughput analysis by process and department
  • Work-in-Progress/Work load/Performance per department, process and operator
  • Delivery performance

Quality Control

  • User defined defect, rework code and defect allowance
  • Return Material Authorisation (RMA) with the ability to remake, rework and generate corrective action
  • Customer request for concession
  • Tooling Corrective Action (TCA) with ability to either stop process orders or stop processing passed a selected process
  • Process control
  • Goods return

Shop Floor Tracking and Data Collection

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Add process notes to works-order
  • Access to customer, product, construction, process notes and instructions
  • Barcode enabled for process scanning and materials
  • Operator ability to record rework and quality defect on circuit, customer panel and manufactured panel
  • Automated notification when works-order construction gets bellow required quantity
  • Ability to record product control for quality certification